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It is important to publish books, primarily to educate the modern human beings to understand what we Elders in Melanesia are doing.

Westerners or modern humans use brain and rationalisation all the time, therefore, books are important to be published in order to make sense The Melanesian Way Conservation we are doing in the field.

We believe that the more modern humans understand in the brain of what we are doing, then the more they will support this work. Otherwise, they will undermine this original, proven conservation approach we Melanesians inherited from our previous generations that have kept our islands green and our waters and sky blue, that make the modern people call these "Paradise"

The Melanesian Way Conservation

This book is particularly written to explain theoretical framework of The Melanesian Way Conservation.

In Defense of the Wantok System

This book is particularly written as documentation of realities among Melanesian tribes, regions and nation-states, to compare between Wantok System and Modern System in operations today in our daily lives and propose how both systems can complement each other to help Melanesians move forward in modernisation processes.

Narokobi's The Melanesian Way

This book is to deepen the concept and explain further of what Narakobi meant by "The Melanesian Way".

The papers previously written by Narokibi will be compiled and given further analysis of the ideas, concepts and theory.

The Melanesian Storylines

This will be a series of books to be published telling the stories of various clans and ethnic groups, villages and islands across Melanesian archipelago.

Yes We are Nature