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Born a Happy Child, Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person, and Die a Happy Death!

We Care for This Life We Have

Three phases in life determine who we are:

1. the life before and during incubation and the life inside our mother's womb (around 10 months);

2. the birthing process (some days before, and some minutes during the birthing processes), and

3. the atmosphere welcoming the birth.

In our Melanesian villages settings, we help honeymoon couples, pregnant mothers and mothers of babies to enjoy their lives in the villages,  

We also provide local homes, local foods, local mothers and sisters to help accompany pregnant mothers in village settings, and at the same time prepare and welcome the new human beings about to come into this planet Earth from mother's womb.

We provide celebrations of birth in Melanesian way to welcome a life life into this Earth.

The hosting accommodation, village, villagers and all life events are organised in Melanesian context in order to assist the mothers and the child to be born to feel at home, to feel welcome, and to feel celebrated because we believe that the art of life is celebrations of life in all kinds and forms.

We Care for How We Anticipate and Celebrate  Birth

We prepare the mother to feel at home, to feel with sisters and mothers, to forget the fear of bearing a child; that will consequently affect the feeling of safe and comfort inside the womb.

We Care for How we are raised

We welcome new birth, and celebrate the guest by singing Melanesian songs and holding festivals for the child.

We Care for How We Live

We are living examples that the world can come and share, where we live by sharing, not by accumulating or saving.

We Care for How We Anticipate and Welcome Death

We celebrate death, and we help anyone to anticipate and welcome death, to die peacefully in our homes, villages.

Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person, and Die a Happy Death!

Yes We are Nature