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We believe that the interactions and the dance of "Nature": (1) spirits; (2) plants, (3) animals, (4) mater, (5) landscapes, (6) and humans bring about automatic healing, natural healing, progressive healing that cannot be noticed as miracles, but can be experienced in long term.

Zoonotic diseases are transmitted between animals and people and now make up the majority of emerging infectious diseases in humans. (UN Environment Programme, <>

Spiritual Healing

Our programmes designed to heal the spiritual illness, purely Christian Approach to Spiritual Healing.

Physical Healing

Various social and cultural activities in the host villages will be designed to encourage physical movement.

Emotional Healing

Courses and practices are developed by Wewo Kotokay and colleagues for specific needs, such as prisoners in Melanesia, church leaders and tribal elders in Melanesia.

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The Nature" is the "Healer", and in order for humans or other beings to get healed, we must immerse into the nature, adapt to the vibrations of surrounding environment and breathe according to the pulses of the spirits around us, in us, and beyond us.

By nature, we mean the natural world and the nested ecosystems within it. This is the “non-built” world of water, air, earth, vegetation, and animals. Humans are part of nature and interact constantly with it in many ways—on the molecular and the larger systems level. <>

  1. Nature generates and regenerates life;
  2. Nature nurture life;
  3. Nature relaxes and refreshes life;
  4. Nature heals by restoring the imbalances in the body
  5. Nature welcomes life after the life in bodies come to final task in this body.

Inside our mind, we Melanesians do not perceive and treat nature as separate from humans. However, in interaction with modern concept of nature, Melanesians tend to make the distinction. Melanesians think, view and treat other beings as fellow beings. We normally feel what the spirits, plants, animals, matter or landscapes feel and even hear what they say. This is why we mostly do not speak verbally, but we speak using all senses, regardless of us Melanesian realizing and recognising it or not.

Yes We are Nature