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Spirit Festivals
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Melanesian Spirit Festivals are held by each clan or ethic-groups, tribes or each island tribes across Melanesia, to celebrate life in traditional Melanesian Way.

It is called "Spirit" because we carry and would like to preserve the Melanesian Spirit that containes within the festival, expressed through singing and dancing, 

Melanesian Spirit Festival


The First Melanesian Spirit Festival was held by Walak Tribe in West Papua on 9 August 2018, in Eragayam Village, West Papua highlands attended by Lani, Walak, Yali and Hupla Tribes.

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples celebrated every year on 9 August.

Melanesian Tribes in West Papua have decided to celebrate Traditional Spirit Festival on 9 August every year.

We invite all Melanesian tribes across the world to host and celebrate Spirit Festival in our village or island organised by clans or tribes anywhere in Melanesian archipelago.

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